we are two people who strive to live a Christian faith throughout our everyday life.

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Classic Kansas City Church Wedding

Wedding Photography by Jenny Shipley Kansas City Camera: Nikon D850 Venue: Delta Athenaeum Church: Trinity United Methodist Church More...


Let me introduce readers to G.K. Chesterton as well as how the Christian view of the world allows for comedy & proper ridicule.

Have you ever been this crazy?

The Bible has the power to transform for good, but not if it's set aside. Choosing to not read leaves one no better off than one who cannot.

Neva at The University of Arkansas

Photography by Jenny Shipley Venue: The University of Arkansas Film: PhotoVision Fuji 400h “Life can only be understood backwards; but...

Who built this cabin?

Humanities professors, or readers of Jurassic Park, will insist science can't tell us everything we need for our well-being.

Do you own a Bible?

Whether you love the Bible, hate the Bible or are indifferent to the Bible, it is without a doubt a most important book.

Read Books!

Some help finding books for growing a child's faith.

Advice: Take Time to Have Fun

Written by: Jenny Shipley The Preacher and His Wife The Family's Corner When David and I approached the local preacher of the Laramie...

Takes Effort, Looks Natural

A picture is worth a thousand words. It's why people invest in them. The relationships behind the photo are an investment too.


I have few greater joys in ministry than seeing others serve and be served.

What do you value? (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 “What does God value?” If you missed Part 1, click here. First, time for a check-up. How many of the Ten Commandments...

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