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The Vision

We are two people who strive to live a Christian faith throughout our everyday life.  It is not just about us, though, but it is also about the people we have come in to contact with.  Each and everyday, we are transformed by and have been changed by those whom we have met, whom we have had dinner with, whom we have laughed with, or whom we have cried with.  In a sense, Mr. & Mrs. Shipley applies to any Mr. & Mrs., or any Single, or any Teen trying to do God's will.  

We hope you enjoy, not only our journey, but the journeys of those lives that surround us.


mr. and mrs. shipley

The Duo

  • Mr. Shipley is a Youth Minister.  Mrs. Shipley stays at home with the kiddos, and is also a photographer.

  • Favorite KC Restaurants: SPIN! Pizza & Q39 BBQ

  • We met @ the University of Wyoming. Our first date was a hike up Snowy Range Peak.

  • If we need a good laugh, we tune into Brian Regan, Nate Bargatze, Jim Gaffigan or Jerry Seinfeld.

  • We have two children, so one of our favorite family activities is walks to the neighborhood park.

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