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Advice: Take Time to Have Fun

Written by: Jenny Shipley

The Preacher and His Wife

The Family's Corner

When David and I approached the local preacher of the Laramie church of Christ back in 2007 for premarital counseling - one of the most memorable things we heard was:

"Y'all are a pretty serious couple. You like to have deep conversations and think about things. My advice for you would be to do things that are fun. Go do some bumper cars together, or something like that, from time to time."

I am so grateful for this advice! We are - we are a serious couple! One of my favorite things about being a minister's wife up until this point has been thinking about, dreaming about, and talking about what David's next lesson will be or what he will be teaching. I know I'm biased - and maybe it's too cutesy for you - but, I've loved being my husband's number one fan. I love hearing his lessons and I continuously pray that God would keep using his voice to press the message of God out! And out! And out!

So, yes...we need help in the fun department! But, it's hard when you've moved to three states in twelve years. When your mom gets cancer and passes away. When you have two beautiful, precious children who God has given you to raise. When you have full time jobs. When your kiddo gets the flu for weeks in a busy season. When you have laundry and dishes to do.

We. Get. Tired. And - it's surprising to folks sometimes because of what my husband does (people work), but we are also introverted! We've worked now for twelve years in ministry - pushing ourselves to meet people, talk with people, and serve people - but at the end of the day we like to eat dinner with our family, put the kids to bed, and then spend time together (usually watching something).

How have we managed? Yes. Through God we have stayed put along side each other. And I have no doubt we have both prayed to stay close to each other.

But, guys!

We really have to push ourselves to laugh at each other and to have fun together! Probably some of you need to take more time to slow down and talk!

But, for us - fun is where the secret sauce has been.

What are some of our favorite fun things to do? We enjoy traveling together. We try to do dates with our kids. AND - we really enjoy comedy. Clean comedy. We love Nate Bargatze. Ryan Hamilton. Jerry Seinfeld. Jim Gaffigan.

So, please - drop us a line here - let us know some of the fun things that you like to do!

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