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Dalton and Sara's Intimate Church Wedding in Topeka, Kansas

Wedding Photography by: Jenny Shipley

Venue: Community Church, Topeka, KS

Flowers and Planning: Amy of Victorian Gardens

Signs and Calligraphy: Emily Love Events

Bridal Party Dresses: David's Bridal - Vera Wang

Invitations: Minted

Rentals: Ultra Pom

2nd Photographer: Bianca Beck

Usually, I am not one to say much about the photos that I take. I hope they can speak for themselves. However, Dalton and Sara's wedding have a special place here because their wedding was on March 14, 2020.

Sara and Dalton were ready to be married! During their engagement session - I didn't have to work hard to see their love for each other. Their quick engagement turned out to be a huge blessing. March 14, 2020 was a day in history where the United States and other countries were just beginning to develop an up and coming fear and uncertainty surrounding Covid-19. On March 14, 2020, Kansas was still allowing groups of up to 250 to meet. It feels so surreal to look back at these photos. While not as many guests as were invited actually attended, it was still mostly normal. I remember being more conscious of hand shaking, and hand washing, but other than that - it was a beautiful wedding day.

Congratulations to Dalton and Sara and their memorable wedding day!

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