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Gulf Shores, Alabama Anniversary Session


Anniversary Session

By Jenny Shipley

Renato and Elizabeth had their second year anniversary around the time of our family beach trip to Golf Shores, Alabama. Two teachers who love each other dearly deserve to have some pictures - especially before their school year had started (which is now in full swing!). Renato and Elizabeth met after Renato had graduated from the University of Georgia. He teaches art and she teaches elementary aged children. Renato quickly went about his work, but took an interest to Elizabeth as a friend. He was taking time to grow in his faith and wasn’t especially looking for a romance. However, their two paths continued to pass through their work and through their church, and eventually, they intentionally pursued one another. At a frozen yogurt shop he summoned the courage to ask if they could date more! And she complied. It is such a sweet story!

It is our hope that you may enjoy their story and enjoy their anniversary session.

Venue: The Pearl

Film Developer: The Goodman Film Lab

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