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Countryside Wedding Inspiration at Emerson Fields

Updated: Feb 24, 2020


By Jenny Shipley

I'm happy to share some photos from a recent shoot that I was able to be a part of and photograph.

Something about me: As a continually growing Christian - and perhaps a little glimpse in to where I'm at for the moment - I am learning just how much I appreciate there being both feminine and masculine features to God's beautiful creation. I more and more love that there is both male and female - that in God's wisdom He gave us unique sets of abilities and features. (Maybe it's because I am daily surrounded by my two small children - one boy and one girl)!

This shoot is highly feminine! (if you can't tell) ...and I love that.

Hope you can enjoy appreciating these small delicate moments with me!

"When God made the world, ‘He made people male and female." - Matthew 19: 4 (ERV)

Photographer: Jenny Shipley

Dress: Emily Hart

Stationery Suite: Emily Mayne

Jewelry:  Kendra Scott

More about the shoot and published here in Trendy Bride Magazine and Blog:…/excello-missouri-wedding-inspo

"Ready for the bride who loves fine art details and timeless wedding decor and photography in the Kansas City, St. Louis, Columbia, or any of the surrounding areas."

More photography by Jenny here.

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